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7 dan
Description●  私は日本語が苦手です、コミュニケーションが難しいかもしれません。時々私は"Google translate" を使う。緒に忍耐してください ^^" ● Hello. I am a Singaporean player who has been playing shogi since 2009. Currently, I am studying in college(NUS) and participating in various regional shogi tournaments. My current aim is to reach 7dan and become a shogi master. ● My play style might be rather strange. This is because most of what I learn in shogi was from practicing with shogi AI. Due to my difficulty in understanding Japanese, I am unable to rely on shogi books that are written in that language. As such, my playing style is heavily influenced by AI. ● I hope to play and study shogi over 81dojo. I can also teach shogi, but my understanding of the game may still be insufficient to properly explain through all kinds of positions in shogi.However, if you need any help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to approach me. Have a nice day!
MedalsGold: 5 / Silver: 8 / Bronze: 7

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