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1 kyu
Description<English:End of sentence> <現状> 試行錯誤中。実質棋力は3級ぐらい。お手柔らかに願います。 非レート対局時は奇抜な手も使います。悪しからず <方針> 後腐れないように、同じ相手との対局は基本1日1局まで。 ハメ手多用する人とか無礼なめんどくさいのとかは無視拒否します。 勝敗だけにこだわるなら他の方とどうぞ。普通にやろうよ、普通に。 <Current situation> During trial and error. Real skill is about 3 - kyu (third grade). Please be gentle. In the case of non-rate play counterparts, (Depending on time and case) I also use surprise attacks. Please do not get angry. <Policy> Because I do not leave a ruination, I decide the play with the same partner to once a day. The person who uses many "surprise attacks" Or person ... which do not know minimum courtesy before which plays shogi Such a person ignores it and refuses it. Please with other one if concerned with only victory or defeat. Let's play commonly. To the last in normal.
MedalsGold: 1 / Silver: 6 / Bronze: 5

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