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Request the your good games vote "81 Champion & Class Saint " 1st Tournament
tomycar (2032) ☗7☗6☗72017-11-26 09:27
Hello, everyone!

After the end of this tournament, one of the participants will be selected for the best game, and both opponents are awarded the title of the match.

I want to decide on the voting results that all 81Dojo users and this tornament's players have chosen.

So, please vote for 81Dojo users who are not participating in this tournament.

Would you please take a look at the kifu and choose a game that was felt like "good game"?

○ The number of games you choose is not limited to one game but also outcome.

○ Please post in this topic or the kifu of the game comments in Web system.
(There is no need to describe the reason for selection in particular.)

○ The final vote is expected on January 7, 2018.

Thank you.

★class-A games R30+60 even
 2017-11-26 1st round ▲94gaara [0-0] R1757 ●-○ △yamanohito [0-0] R2038

 2017-11-30 1st round ▲raidensiratsuyu [0-0] R2036 ○-● △jaws [0-0] R2000

 2017-12-02 non-round ▲icecream[0-0]R2405 ○-● △jaws[0-1]R1970

 2017-12-03 1st round ▲DemonikOu R2029 ●-○ △pikoty27 R2650

★class-B games R30+60 even
 2017-11-30 ▲spinoza1313 [0-0] R1100 ●-○ △shiba_ken [0-0] R683

★class-B challenge match NR30+60 HC
 2017-11-25 HC-4 ▲spinoza1313 [0-0] R1128 ○-● △tomycar [0-0] R2035

 2017-11-26 HC-6 ▲shiba_ken [0-0] R683 ●-○ △tomycar [0-1] R2035

 2017-11-26 HC-6 ▲shiba_ken [0-1] R683 ●-○ △raidensiratsuyu [0-0] R2036

 2017-11-26 HC-6 ▲shiba_ken [0-2] R683 ●-○ △yamanohitoさん [0-0] R2028

 2017-11-26 HC-4 ▲Torettoさん [0-0] R1049 ●-○ △tomycar [1-1] R2035

 2017-11-30 HC-2 ▲spinoza1313 [1-0] R1100 ●-○ △tomycar [2-1] R2017

 2017-12-04 HC-2 ▲spinoza1313[1-1]R1091 ●-○ △raidensiratsuyu[1-0]R2058

 2017-12-04 HC-6 ▲shiba_ken[0-3]R697 ●-○ △pikoty27[0-0]R2650

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1: tomycar (2032) ☗7☗6☗72017-12-02 06:28
The good games of my selection. (no reason)

☆class-A No.2 2017-11-30 ▲raidensiratsuyu [0-0] R2036 ○-● △jaws [0-0] R2000

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