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How to greet and resign
pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-08-18 22:08
Hello to everyone...maybe i'm stupid... but i can't see buttons to automatic greet and resign on PC interface. I can see the two button when i use the android app..but not on PC interface...can someone please show me were i can find them?

This is the screenshot of my interface on PC

Thanks in advance
6: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-21 17:15
Sure, let's do that!
Thanks again for your help.
Best Wishes
5: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-09-18 20:08
The screenshot was taken during a match in wich i was i can say will be the same both when start a challenge or being challenged.
If we have occasion let's play together!
Best regards
4: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-18 14:19
Thanks for providing a screenshot, pistonbrilo. That was very helpful and I could see it in my next game. I was the challenger that time, so I need to check again when someone challenges me. Anyway, one step forward, just need to figure out how to play competently now! 
Cheers and good luck in your future games! 
3: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-09-17 23:26 (2017-09-19 06:43に編集)
I managed to take another screenshot before play ..please check this:

The fact is...the setup change if you are just a watcher or are actually playing a game. This button appear while you are playing. When you go over it you can see a preview of the message, at the beginning perform the greeting or thanks after the match is finished. Hope now is more clear and helpful for all! ^_^ Still think is not intuitive! and i'm not expert player i can understand your panic Adrianwiz! 
2: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-16 17:58
I'm also having this problem (playing on PC). I've only played 2 games, but both games have started before I've had a chance to look for this automatic greeting icon. I end up pasting "よろしくお願いします" into the chat bar while my time counter is going down.

If someone could post a screenshot, I'd appreciate it. As far as I can see, the screenshot posted by pistonbrillo has nothing visible to the right of the chat bar. 

Sorry, I'm new to shogi, so the start of the game is a time of panic for me!!! 

Thanks for your help
1: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-08-19 02:39
Already solved...i managed to find the icon on the right of the chat's different than the android app, it's multi purpose button..not very intuitive for me!

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