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Participating in a Tournament
Ronyk (1004) 2017-08-30 00:31
Jens wrote a nice long bit about how to participate in a tournament in the following Forum Topic (

As far as I can tell, there are four steps to participating in a tournament.

Step 1: Apply to the Tournament - After finding a tournament you'd like to be a part of, use the "Send Application" button - you'll have an opportunity to write a short message to the tournament organizer. 

Step 2: Schedule your Matches - by clicking on the cells corresponding to your games, you'll be able to propose game times and write messages you opponent can see. After a time has been proposed, it can be locked in by your opponent.

Step 3: Play your Match - according to Jens' post (if I understand correctly), there's no special way to have your tournament game, other than being online at the same time as your opponent and challenging them.

Step 4: Record the results of your match - I understand that in tournaments here, the winner gets 3 points and the loser gets 1 point, but I don't understand how this is recorded - does it happen automatically with your game history? Or will one of the players need to go to the tournament page to update it?

Any additional insight would be delightful, thank you.

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