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"Welcome to 81dojo" R1874-1500 New figure Cup 10m-30s Rated
raidensiratsuyu (1983) ☗10☗8☗82018-01-05 12:06
【 "Welcome to 81dojo" R1874-1500 New figure Cup 】
Tournament period: 2018 01-30 - 03-31
Registration until: Mar.30th

Limited R1874-1500, 10m-30s Rated Round-rovin Tournament. 
・R1874-1500 New players(*) or
・R1874-1500 "Rated 2000 games below" or
・R1874-1500 "Rated games 1000 wins below"
players can join, but COM-players can't join.
It continues and can participate, if you are promoted 4-dan
and degradated 1-kyu.
Please enjoy this tournament until the end.
New players are played 5 Rating games after.
⇒ "dan(R1500 and up)" are decided.
Tournament period: About 60 days.
When progress is slow, the extension is possible during a period.
Please note that.
In short : NF Cup
[About "Win and Loss"-by-default] 
There is not input by the organizer. 
Please note that.
"King of the new figure" is the highest number of points.
The same points are the place of a tie.
And a reward "Most Competitive Player(MCP)".
3: zloysnegovik (1249) ☗3☗1☗62018-01-18 06:46 New
Hi, raidensiratsuyu!

Thank you very much!))
2: raidensiratsuyu (1983) ☗10☗8☗82018-01-09 07:51 (2018-01-09 08:05に編集)
Hi zloysnegovik,

"COM-players" are Computer-2engine in 81dojo.
Those are "Bonanza" and "GPS-shogi".
(Handle name: "Com-○○" players)

The player used COM(puter)-engine can't join tournament,
because Computer-engine is a very strong.
1: zloysnegovik (1249) ☗3☗1☗62018-01-08 23:33
What is COM-players?

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