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Club name: 見境なき棋士団 The lascivious shogi players (English is also OK)

Owner:  Admiral_Togo (2001) ☗7☗4☗11

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 金曜日、土曜日には、日本時間の21時ごろ~23時ごろに(不定期開催、時間は多少変動します。大変申し訳ございませんが、最近プライベートが忙しいためサークルイベントは休止中です。)将棋講座を中心に活動させていただいております。現在は居飛車 対 四間飛車 の講座ですが、中飛車、三間飛車、横歩取り、矢倉、角換わり等、順次進めていきたいと思います。

 Everyone can join.
We are planning activities for anything related to shogi, such as tactics research, shogi course, exchange, chat, etc. for the purpose of improving and enjoying shogi.

I'm sorry.My private is busy, the event is inactive.

There are Japanese marks, but the main languages are Japanese and English.

On Friday, and Saturday, we will be active around Shogi courses mainly around 21:00 to 23:00 Japan time (occasional holding, time changes somewhat). Currently it is a lecture on ibisha(static rook) vs. shikenbisha(4th file rook), but I would like to progress sequentially, such as nakabisha(central rook), sangenbisha(3rd file rook), yokofudori(side pawn picker),yagura,kakugawari(bishop exchange),etc...
In addition, we may also do Tsume-Shogi(checkmate problems) and tsugi-no-itte(the next move problem) , individual practice exercises for beginners are also available from time to time.

Walls have ears,sliding doors have eyes, but you have nothing.lol

・サークル主催大会 8段戦 8-Dan tournaments
8段戦A級 8-Dan tournaments A-class   

8段戦B級1組 8-Dan tournaments B1-class 

8段戦B級2組 8-Dan tournaments B2-class 

8段戦C級1組 8-Dan tournaments C1-class 

8段戦C級2組 8-Dan tournaments C2-class 


Members: 115 players (Average rating: 1506.36)

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