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81Dojo Club | ソフト指しサークル  Circle of cheating by software

Club name: ソフト指しサークル  Circle of cheating by software

Owner:  judas (1881)

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Members: 1 player (Average rating: 1881.65)

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・その他81Dojo 利用規約に従ってください。


A circle for players who cheat by software. The following people are supposed to join.
・ Those who wants to produce a higher-level game record by playing between  software cheating players
・ Those who want to improve their playing skill by software cheating
・ Those who want to play shogi evenly, regardless of their playing skill level by software cheating
・ Those who who want to legally cheat by software

Please refrain from joining the following people.
・ Those who do not comply with software cheating
・ Those who simply want to beat human beings by software cheating

Please follow the rules below when joining. In particular
・ Please prepare an exclusive account when software cheating. The account name must be "COM_(any word)".
・ Please apply for rating based on the software strengh. When using strong software, set the rating to 5 dan which is upper limit. It is in order to reduce the influence of rating when there is a contact with the general public, though  I think that there are few people who want to play with soft cheater.
・ Never annoy anyone outside the circle.
・While it is up to the members to decide how much the soft cheating should be done, please maintain some consistency. (e.g. opening refers to humans, and the end game refers to software)
・ Other Please follow the 81Dojo Terms of Service.

The management of this circle is left to the operator. Thank you for reading.

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