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81Dojo Club | Beginners Club (3rd Stage Below)

This club discontinued.

Club name: Beginners Club (3rd Stage Below)

Owner:  Asteroid (1533) ☗9☗9☗5

Sub-owner:  poppcorn81 (1971) ☗14☗12☗3

Club level: 

Members: 23 players (Average rating: 1228.58)

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Only club members can see the club forum.


All players below 3rd Stage allow to join. When you become a professional(4th Stage- 7th Stage) you need to leave this club. 

Topics URL: (Personal Greetings) (How to Respond to Gote's Tempo Loss Bishop Exchange?) (How to change your current flag?) (How to Create a Gameroom for Rated Games)


Let's be strong. Enjoy shogi altogether!!!
-Asteroid (Club Owner)

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