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81Dojo Club | mwgw encounter

Club name: mwgw encounter

Owner:  mowgiw (2002) ☗4☗4☗9

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Members: 26 players (Average rating: 1406.07)

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***** 対象 *****

***** 概要 *****

This club is for any intermediate players who would like to be better.
This club doesn't have any regular meet up.
Instead of that, you can effectively use me.

No reservation required. I am going to write my available schedule in club forum. You just have to come to dojo at that time, then tell me what you would like to do. For instance, play a game, study Joseki, solve mate problems, and so on.

Requirement of approve to be a member:
To be ranked two lower than me or less.
If you became stronger than the rank above during you belong in this club, I would drop you from membership list, which means graduation.

1. I am usually  going to log out in punctual. It means that I would log out dojo even if my game was on half way.
2. I may use my time for myself if no one come up by the time after 15 minites past of the time I suggested.
3. I sometimes don't go to dojo. In that case, please give up.

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