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81Dojo Club | SWAN

This club discontinued.

Club name: SWAN

Owner:  whitecat (1957) ☗5☗11☗6

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Members: 1 player (Average rating: 1957.79)

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This club is dead. No longer active. Sorry for members

To club members

I am going to dissolve this club after about 2 months. It will be March 1st. Firstly, I am going to drop everyone from the membership list, then, drop the club from the club list of 81dojo. 
    Notice for club members that it cannot be got write, read, save and something else for the club forum after dissolution. Also it get difficult to contact each other among club members.
    The reasons are that I couldn't role the club owner, and almost nothing cameout as club activities' result.
    Let me know with the club forum if you have any comment and feedback.

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