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Club name: SWAN

Owner:  whitecat (1926) ☗5☗11☗6

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SWAN is not just a club for playing in 81dojo.
    SWAN's purpose is to create and supply free resources of Shogi through with the Internet for players all over the world.
Such resources can be HTML, PDF, Database, Kifu, or something like. Further, those contents should be written in English or other several languages.
    I know this purpose is a great ambition. It may end up fail on a halfway. However, such a purpose would be never accomplished if no one tried. I need a lot of help to accomplish the purpose above. I'm waiting for your help.
    Everyone can join as long as sharing the purpose above. Further, It's really welcome someone who can take on either role of below:

・Writer who can good at writing with TeX, OpenOffice or the like (not to eliminate some people, I would like to use freewares, which is open for everyone.)
・Shogi player who can create commentary games (don't have to be strong. Even if you're kyu-player, your good question may be helpful.)
・Website maintainer (and maybe coder)
・Translator (japanese into other langs)

    To publicate our result, at least translator, website maintainer, and writer are needed. If someone who knows programming, database, and web developping will join, we might create rich contents.
    Oh, by the way, SWAN means "Shogi Writer's Allied Network", which is still an interim name. Waiting for a better name.


・English Kyokumenpedia
・Translate classic commentary games
・Commentary games
・Introduce Common Joseki
・Create web portal

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