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Tournament: Game of stamina of shogi.Long durability time.It starts from an antarctic day.
Sente: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗3Icon mail off
Gote: dstn3422 (1905) ☗8☗9☗5Icon mail off
Game started at: 2016-12-22 20:35:28 UTC
Game rule: Non-rated, 60 min + 10 sec

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1: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32016-12-28 10:26

大会記録 [南極]
tournament [south pole]

8:Kaku Kokan Siken-bisya -- gote's favorite style, I heard after the game.
23:typical formation.
30:aggressive move.
33:instead move pawn-45 is better slightly, my computer sais, but I felt gote's pawn-44 is enough advantage for me.
35:this time,  pawn-45 would be better, I agree.
47:I felt it difficult -- how can I get knight on 21?
60:this move made chance for me,
61:but I faild to get it. instead move silv-44-down is better.
73:turning point of this good, exciting, equal game (I believe). I lost my point of view -- instead move pawn-95 is better.

Thank you for the good game. I enjoyed it!

2: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32016-12-29 08:35

Hmmm, I don't know Shogi-English and it's hard to explain, but I'll try.

At the move 35, I yield to temptation that looks easy at a glance and gave up my first plan -- in japanese "色気を出して手を曲げた". Moves like this lead bad result in many case.

The move 48 is effective for both offence and diffence -- "攻防に利いて味がよい".

Lance at 84 downed at the move 58 striks weak point of my formation (87) and my king lost freespace-- "急所に利かされて玉が狭くなった".

At the move 73, "if gold at 62 then pawn-95" is "手筋" -- usual and useful sequence of moves. But I lost my point of view -- "手が見えなくなった".

3: Kupo (2023) ☗6☗9☗72016-12-29 20:14

11: P25 allows gyakubougin, it might be easier to play it later and make strong kakoi first.
26: Gote attacks when the gold on 69 is undefended. It's a nice timing.
28: I think the idea of P37 formation is to play S36 here to defend. It's still a bit better for gote because of the 69 gold.
30: Gote's attack is probably going to be successful here. From here it will be difficult for sente.

4: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32016-12-29 22:19

Thank you Kupo for your suggestive comment. Certainly, my move 11 and 25 look too early, but I believe that ibisya can match against gyaku-bo-gin (and I wanted to try).

I serched for the successful sequens and find that would be ▲bish-66-down instead of the move 35 and △bish-33-down, ▲pawn-45.

Following above, if △silv-26, then ▲pawn-25-down, △rook-25, ▲silv-36, △rook-22, ▲pawn-44. Or if △pawn-45, then ▲bish-33, △knig-33, ▲silv-56. They look like difficult for both sente and gote -- may be equal situation.

In this game, I chose rikisen (attack vs attack games), but defence games against gyaku-bo-gin looks exciting too. I will try pawn-26 style and king-78 style before long.
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