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Tournament: Game of stamina of shogi.Long durability time.It starts from an antarctic day.
Sente: MaxxZahar (1827) Icon mail off
Gote: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗3Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-01-04 17:31:41 UTC

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1: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32017-01-04 18:24

大会記録 [南極]
tournament [south pole]
自戒の念をこめて。I'm sorry for my insane play, again.

28: I don't know if Saito-ryu can match against Nakahara-gakoi-king55, and wonted to try.
36: clearly, bish-19-prom is better -- incomprehensible.
40: missmove -- it should not be lance but pawn, and lance-15 would be better. 

40: 歩と香を取り違えた。そのうえ1五香打が勝りそうな感じ。
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