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Tournament: Game of stamina of shogi.Long durability time.It starts from an antarctic day.
Sente: DemonikOu (2069) ☗12☗8☗7Icon mail off
Gote: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗3Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-01-12 00:30:42 UTC

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1: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32017-01-12 14:41

大会記録 [南極]
tournament [south pole]


12: In "kanso-sen" (after the game), mino style was proposed. If sente chose "hayakuri-gin" (bo-gin like attack via 73), gote could stand.
19: Ninja-gin again.
20: This time, gote's plan is "gin-taiko" (silver against silver style).
26: This move's aim is forming huna-kakoi, not for hayagakoi. gote's 2nd line is weak, but defence forces would be at the same level, conparing sente with gote.
27: A fully worked‐out play. For gote, it is necessary to make attack chance until this silver get active.
34: the first crossroad for gote. Instead move△rook-76 would lead ▲gold-77△rook-56▲silv-65 and doesn't look good. Thus I gave up taking yokohu. However, following above, △rook-46▲pawn-46△knig-73(striks sente's silver)▲silv-74△bish-64▲bish-79△pawn-57-down looks the only sequence. After that, with the right to play silv-65, gote still have enough chances.
36: In kanso-sen, DemonikOu doubted this play. I myself believe this move is the only chance to attack and best (or the best) play in this situation, although pawn on 75 interrupts rook's line.
38: I could not tell what would be the right move. Thus, I obeyed maxim "If you build yagura, defend 86(or24) using silver".
39: Ingenious play. My computer is saying ▲pawn-75△rook-75 then ▲silv-45 is better, but I believe this move (▲silv-45 directly) is the best.
40: Haityaku. If...if I could keep myself stand and play △pawn-76, the sequence would be ▲silv-44△pawn-44▲bish-44, then △silv-33 would make big chance of the counterattack. Following above, if ▲bish-55, gohe have a lot of canditate -- pawn-48, pawn88, silv-64, bish-64, or rook-55. if ▲bish-79-prom, them △silv-77 and double strike by the rook.
44: The downfall (or downhill?). I could not find better move.
51: No escape.

Thank you for the exciting game. I will play better, next time!

2: mdarg (1427) ☗7☗9☗32017-01-12 15:07

Ah, and one more thing to say.
This is my memorial game of this tournament -- 10th losing game!
... are there any prize for the most losing player?
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