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Game started at: 2017-02-14 00:34:16 UTC

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1: lonelygopher (1601) 2017-02-14 01:48

It's the first time I played rapid attack against 3rd file rook and I just learnt this yesterday. 

Normally I play slow games. I just want to know how a more powerful player than me will reply to this. 

from 36th I guess I should play p6c first, than B5e, I will play knight 7g+, and b7g. It's better though I still have to deal with bishop promotion and knight drop 6e or 4e at the same time...Any comment is welcomed. 

Any comment is welcomed. 

2: flip (1621) ☗1☗4☗32017-02-14 14:54

It's a powerful strategy!
I've seen some games that static rook is black, and from 22th, N7c R8h P6e Px6e P5e...something like that(I'm not sure). This seems derivation of that.

I suppose 36th move is right as you point out.
P6c B5e N7g+ Bx7g S2b N*4e B*7i(aim to promote on 3e, and cover 5c)
This line looks still complex for me.

At 54th move, I feel B*7g is more effective. R5h, then B8f+ covers 5c/4b. Also, if promoted bishop moves away, rook can promote on 8i directly. There are many lines to consider though.

Anyway it was interesting game!

3: lonelygopher (1601) 2017-02-18 03:56

Thank you for your comment! I guess that you are right.

For the 54th, I was worrying that gold7g will enable a rook to be another piece to attack 5c. Although I can play p5e to block, I still feel a little uncomfortable. The real game is even worse for me, unfortunately. Probably because of that I am running out of time. 

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