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Game started at: 2017-03-06 16:57:28 UTC

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1: stevenc (1676) 2017-03-12 21:58

This is a pretty standard fourth file rook game.
Very standard up to 8. R68 and S78 are often played in the opposite order. Note that the Bishop doesn't bother to move to 77 until it needs to. It can move earlier, but holding it back allows other moves to be played.
The edge pawn pushes to 10 are standard, but normally happen a bit later in the game. They are making extra escape routes for the Kings.
S38 at move 11 is often played later, after the King has moved to 28. 
12 P54 is played both to allow an attacking Silver to go to 53, and also to stop Bishop drops on 55
14 G(61)52 completes the boat castle. but the King isn't in the best place.
15 G(69)58 completes the (right) mino castle, but the King isn't in it at all
16 K42 puts the King properly in the boat. It also opens up the possibility of a semi-quick attack if the Silver on 31 goes to 42/53/64/75/86. This attack is prepared, but by the time preparations are finished, Black's King is in the castle on move 25

At the same time, a much slower game would be still possible by making a left mino castle, with S(62)-53/B33/P24/K23/S(31)-32.

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