Sente: nyoro (1902) Icon mail off
Gote: DemonikOu (2172) ☗9☗10☗6Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-03-31 21:26:51 UTC

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1: DemonikOu (2172) ☗9☗10☗62017-04-18 21:36

Rules:		15-60, Rated
Strategy:		R58 Aifuribisha
Result:		Defeat

11: Early ☗銀‐48.
20: (A) ☖飛‐34 【互角】
    (B) ☖歩‐44 【互角】
    (C) ☖銀‐72 【互角】
21: Unusual move, usually it's ☗角‐77.
26: (A) ☖銀‐51 aiming for Diamond Mino.
33: ☗歩*37 was unnecessary because 39 square is protected by both 金 and 角.
34: (A) ☖金‐74 【★】
48: (A) ☖歩*34 was best, kicking the 銀 back to an awful square.
50: ☖歩*34 was even better here because the 金 no longer protects 57 square.
    (A) ☖歩*34 ☗銀‐26 ☖飛x75 ☗歩x ☖角‐57+ 【★★★】
52: ☖金‐64~55 wasn't a good idea. It helped Sente's major pieces work better.
65: ☗歩x wasn't needed since ☖歩x47+ is too slow.
71: (A) ☗歩*53 is faster attack.
75: ☗歩‐33+ was slow. Sente shouldn't allow ☖銀x78 because it makes his castle weaker.
    (A) ☗金‐77 would deny any counterplay.
81: Very good block!
    (1) ☖飛x58+ ☗銀*69 adding another piece to the castle while attacking the 飛.
85: (A) 桂*64 which is a strong 2-initiatives-to-mate.
88: ☖金*51 instead would slow down Sente's attack significantly.
    (A) ☖金*51 ☗桂x52+ ☖金x41 【★★★】
    (B) ☖金*51 ☗飛‐45+ ☖馬x78 ☗金x ☖角*67 【互角】
91: (A) ☗飛‐42+ ☖歩*41 ☗竜‐22 ☖金*62 【★★】
94: (A) ☖玉x72 makes it more difficult for Sente to attack.
96: Sente was allowed to remove the last General that defended Gote's 玉.
    (A) ☖金‐71 【★★★】
97: Great attack
    (1) ☖金x ☗銀*71 ☖玉x ☗金*72 【詰み】

★★★ I am winning
★★ It is pretty good for me
★ It is a little good for me, but not easy yet
互角 equal
× It is bad for me, but I still have chances
×× It is pretty bad for me
××× I am losing

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