Sente: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗6Icon mail off
Gote: 246 (1945) Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-03-31 23:17:36 UTC

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1: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗62017-04-18 23:31

Rules:		0-30, Rated
Strategy:	Yagura (NinjaGin)
Result:		Defeat

11:  Going for ninjaGin-senpo.
    ☗銀‐38 keeps option of ☗銀‐27.
13:  Going for 銀‐46-type.
24:  Gote mirrored the 銀 formation.
    Sente has 2 choices:
    (1) ☗銀‐66 making use of the stationary 角 on 88.
    (2) ☗歩‐35 initiating an attack.
29:  (A) ☗歩*34 ☖銀-22 ☗歩x75 ☖銀x75 ☗角-79 【互角】
35:  (A) ☗飛‐28 perhaps better.
37:  (A) ☗銀‐68 opening 角's diagonal and attacking the 香.
38:  飛 got mated and Sente has not fast attack. 【×××】
70:  ☗桂x53= revives Sente‼
    (A) ☖桂x77+ ☗角x ☖角x+ ☗金x ☖角*27 【×××】
77:  Taking the 桂 was better although dangerous-looking.
    (A) ☗銀x ☖角x88+ ☗金x ☖竜x ☗金*71 【××】
88:  (A) ☖銀*58 ☗金x ☖歩x+ ☗玉x ☖角*69 Almost creating brinkmate.
92:  (A) ☖角*27 ☗銀*38 ☖角x+ ☗歩x ☖竜-29 ☗香*39 ☖銀*27 【××】
    (B) ☖角*27 ☗香*38 ☖銀*29 attacking in a fine tempo. 【×】
95:  (A) ☗金x79 ☖金x ☗歩*24 【★★★】
101: (A) ☗角*45 ☖飛x57+ ☗金-48 ☖竜-52 ☗歩*24!
    Launching a powerful attack and attacking the 竜 at the same time. 【★★★】
109: (A) ☗桂*24 ☖歩x ☗角*45 ☖銀*23 ☗馬x24 【××】
117: Sente should prepare against ☖角*49.

★★★ I am winning
★★ It is pretty good for me
★ It is a little good for me, but not easy yet
互角 equal
× It is bad for me, but I still have chances
×× It is pretty bad for me
××× I am losing

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