Sente: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗6Icon mail off
Gote: jmkxx116 (2068) Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-03-31 23:39:21 UTC

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1: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗62017-04-18 23:38

Rules:		5-30, Rated
Strategy:		Ishida Taikou (Masuda-ryu)
Result:		Defeat

22: Somewhat bold move because it leaves camp undefended against 飛 drops.
31: (A) ☗角*56! 【★★★】 if ☖歩x75 then ☗歩*83~☗飛x85.
34: Helps Sente's 銀 develop.
37: (A) ☗歩*84 【★★★】 saving a 歩 for dropping it on 34 after ☖飛‐72.
38: 【互角】
43: (A) ☗角x63+ ☖角x ☗銀‐75 【互角】
44: 桂 develops in very good tempo.
51: Sente can't afford using the 銀 so defensively.
52: Very slow.
53: Bad move. The idea was that if ☖歩x then ☗桂*64 but it fails:
   (1) ☖歩x ☗桂*64 ☖金‐51 ☗飛*82 ☖玉‐31! ☗と‐62 ☖金‐42 ☗と‐52 ☖角*73 ~ ☖桂*36 【×××】
54: Gote misread in same way. ☖角x made ☗銀x65 a good move.
55: 桂 escapes and attacks the 角.
57: Desperately trying to defend against ☖飛*69 ~ ☖銀*48.
66: (A) ☗馬‐59 ☖金x ☗竜x ☖金‐49 ☗銀*48 【×××】
71: Sente should have used the 金 to defend.

★★★ I am winning
★★ It is pretty good for me
★ It is a little good for me, but not easy yet
互角 equal
× It is bad for me, but I still have chances
×× It is pretty bad for me
××× I am losing

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