Sente: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗6Icon mail off
Gote: hirokikato (1830) Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-04-01 11:46:56 UTC

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1: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗62017-04-19 00:50

Rules: 		10-30, Rated
Strategy:		Ishida Aifuribisha
Result:		Victory

6: Not going for Hidari-Anaguma.
27: Aiming at ☗歩‐95 right away.
33: (A) ☗角‐66 ~ ☗桂‐77 ~ ☗飛‐96 ~ ☗桂‐85 【★★★】
42: (A) ☖銀x ☗歩*57 ☖銀‐45 ☗歩‐46 capturing the 銀.
43: (A) ☗歩‐46 ☖銀‐34 ☗歩‐64 ☖歩x ☗歩*74 ☖歩x ☗歩‐55 ☖角x ☗飛‐56 【★★★】
44: (A) ☖歩‐36 was the best move.
47: Again the previous 歩-combo was better.
49: Too passive.
51: (A) ☗歩*74 was the best move.
54: (A) ☖金x was much better even if it allows ☗角-42+.
   歩43 is still protected so 馬 is not much of a threat.
60: Questionable move.
71: (A) ☗飛*32  【★★★】 was the safest play.
73: (A) ☗歩‐73+ ☖桂x ☗銀x ☖玉x ☗飛*81 【★★★】
77: Kind of a risky play.
   (A) ☗歩*92 ~ ☗歩*93 ~ ☗歩*94 ~ ☖香x ☗歩-73+ ☖桂x ☗飛x94 【★★★】 
79: It was risky to sacrifice a 飛 like this because attack might not be enough to mate Gote's 玉.
83: (A) ☗桂*85 was the only option.
85: Sente should not have allowed ☖歩*63.
86: 【××】
92: (A) ☖香x would threaten ☖桂*57.
96: ☖桂*64 was a blunder. It gives Sente strong counterplay.
   (A) ☖角-44! 【××】
102: Huge blunder.
    (A) ☖金x63 ☗金x ☖+桂x69 【★】
105: 【★★★】
106: (A) ☖玉-92 had to escape asap.
111: ☗歩*84 instead would seal the victory.
    (A) ☗歩*84 ☖銀x ☗歩*94 銀x73 +銀-72 【必死】
    (B) ☗歩*84 ☖歩x ☗金*83 【詰み】
112: (A) ☖金*82 【★★】 best defense.
113: (A) ☗金x ☖銀x ☗歩*94 transposes to similar position as in previous comment.
117: Approaching with the +銀 first was much better.
    (A) ☗+銀-72 ☖飛*41 ☗角*57 【★★★】
118: (A) ☖竜-78 ☗角x75 ☖竜x ☗金*74 ☖竜x ☗とx ☖角*94 【★★★】
120: Clumpy attempt of escaping.
123: (A) ☗歩*94 ☖銀-84 ☗金*82 ☖玉x ☗飛*72 ☖玉-81 ☗と-71 【詰み】
    (B) ☗歩*94 ☖金*82 ☗飛*71 almost brinkmate.
124: (A) ☖玉-93 was the only option.
127: (A) ☗歩*94 was easier win.
131: 【必死】

★★★ I am winning
★★ It is pretty good for me
★ It is a little good for me, but not easy yet
互角 equal
× It is bad for me, but I still have chances
×× It is pretty bad for me
××× I am losing

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