Sente: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗6Icon mail off
Gote: tamagonn (2276) Icon mail off
Game started at: 2017-04-02 12:47:35 UTC

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1: DemonikOu (2198) ☗9☗10☗62017-04-19 02:13

Rules: 		0-30, Rated
Strategy:		Ishida Aifuribisha
Result:		Defeat

2:  Seemingly Ureshino-ryu.
3:  Furibisha measure.
8:  Making edge attack possible in the future.
14:  Suddenly switching to Nakabisha!
25:  (A) ☗角‐97 ☖歩‐95 ☗歩‐74 ☖歩x96 ☗歩x73+
    i) ☖歩x97+ ☗とx63 【★★★】
    ii) ☖銀(72)x ☗角‐86 ~ ☗歩*95 ~ ☗香x96 【★★】
    (B) ☗角‐97 ☖歩‐95 ☗歩‐74 ☖歩x ☗歩x95 香x ☗角x64 ☖歩x ☗香x95 【★★★】
    In conclusion, ☗角‐97 was much stronger than ☗銀‐76.
38:  Questionable move - losing tempo.
44:  Gote going for the edge.
48:  (A) ☖銀x ☗歩*18! 【★★】
49:  (A) ☗玉x 【★★】
51:  (1) ☖銀x ☗香x ☖香x ☗歩*17 ☖香x+ ☗玉x ☖香*11 ☗玉-28 ☖歩*18 【××】
    (A) ☗香x ☖香x ☗歩*17 ☖香x+ ☗玉x ☖香*11 ☗玉-28 ☖歩*18 ☗歩*17 【★★★】
    The only difference between line (1) & (A) is the extra 歩 in Sente's hand.
67:  (1) ☖飛x ☗歩x ☖香*22 【××】 Gote is attacking in good tempo.
    (A) ☗歩-45 ☖飛-54 ☗歩-55! 【★★】 Attacking Rook and Silver at the same time.
    (B) ☗歩-45 ☖飛-34 ☗歩-95 【★】 Sente is attacking first.
68:  Sente is allowed to play 馬-55 which turns the tables.
71:  (A) ☗桂x73+ ☖銀x ☗桂*85 ☖桂*81 ☗飛-66 【★★★】
72:  Sente is denied ☗桂*85.
77:  (A) ☗歩x75 ☖桂*75 ☗歩x74 ☖桂x27+ ☗玉-39 【★★★】 Sente's 玉 is fine.
82:  (A) ☖銀x27 ☗銀x ☖飛x+ ☗玉x ☖歩x55 【★★★】
85:  (A) ☗歩*74 ☖銀-62 ☗香*83! ☖玉x ☗飛*81 【★★★】
87:  (A) ☗香*19 【★★★】 great defense. 
88:  (A) ☖角*19 ☗玉-39 ☖角*57 perhaps more interesting for Gote.
92:  (A) ☖玉-83 much safer.
99:  (A) ☗歩*18 【★★★】
106: (A) ☖桂*24 was a better block.
115: (A) ☗銀*52 【必死】
116: (A) ☖金x ☗香x+ ☖銀*39 ☗玉-29 ☖歩*28 【×××】
117: (A) ☗金x43 【必死】
120: (A) ☖銀*39 【×××】
133: (A) ☗歩x ☖角x46+ ☗玉x39 【★★★】 No mate.
141: (A) ☗歩*16 【★★★】 Solid defense.
143: (A) ☗歩*16 ☖銀*25 【互角】 Unknown whether Gote's attack will run out or not.
    (A) ☗香*52 【互角】 Difficult semeai.

★★★ I am winning
★★ It is pretty good for me
★ It is a little good for me, but not easy yet
互角 equal
× It is bad for me, but I still have chances
×× It is pretty bad for me
××× I am losing

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