Tournament: 1st Tournament to have enough of Shogi in Feeling Real Dojo [even R30+60 or handicap NR30+60] ◆closed◆
Sente: yamanohito (2031) ☗19☗10☗10Icon mail on
Gote: zloysnegovik (1263) ☗3☗8☗8Icon mail on
Game started at: 2018-06-13 10:55:46 UTC

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1: tomycar (2204) ☗8☗10☗52018-06-13 20:21

2018-06-13 19:55~
▲火組1位 yamanohitoさん[1-0]R2153 対△林組7位 zloysnegovikさん[0-0]R1285
平手R30-60 85手まで▲勝ち

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