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Gote: tomycar (2271) ☗10☗9☗6Icon mail off
Game started at: 2018-12-14 02:43:18 UTC

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1: tomycar (2271) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-14 04:15

終局~手短な感想戦の後に spinoza1313さんから、次のPM要望がございました
PM: [spinoza1313] can i share the kifu? i would like to show it

但し、81WEBシステム[棋譜コメント一覧See all kifu comments]、の表示には最新50局の上限があります

2: spinoza1313 (1350) 2018-12-17 07:48

a really nice game... tomycar has good constructive style... honored to play him...
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