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Tournament: World Shogi League 2019, Division B
Sente: larzzus (1220) Icon mail off
Gote: Harumasa (1403) Icon mail off
Game started at: 2019-04-14 22:54:40 UTC
Game rule: Rated, 30 min + 60 sec

Comments for this game

1: stevenc (1652) 2019-04-16 21:08

move 4 would be good against static rook, but here it does not feel like good shape. Sente can still swing their rook, which they subsequently do

2: stevenc (1652) 2019-04-16 21:12

By move 22 Sente's king looks much safer. However, move 28 is good, increasing the number of attackers on 86, and by move 45, gote has exchanged silver for bishop
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