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Sente: tsukareta (1086) Icon mail off
Gote: aphirst (851) ☗1☗1☗4Icon mail on
Game started at: 2020-03-12 19:35:06 UTC

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1: aphirst (851) ☗1☗1☗42020-03-12 21:34

Advice for white:
8 S-22 instead of S-23
10 defend with the 41 gold instead of the 61 gold (not huge problem but looks bad, could e.g. S-43 then swing the rook)
18 consider instead P-45, offering a bishop exchange here, as the white bishop is kind of in the way now, and black currently doesn't have many good drops for it
22 consider instead S*12

2: aphirst (851) ☗1☗1☗42020-03-12 21:51

That last one should be 24 S*12, sorry.
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