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Game started at: 2020-06-12 13:42:52 UTC

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1: Salieri (1222) 2020-06-12 14:32

At move17 I thought it might be better to play silver 6-2. I will lose the pawn but then I will be able to create a good form for the silver after taking on 5-3. This would also prevent the rook on 5-4. 
At move30 there was an option to drop a silver but I thought it would be better to save it for the later defence or attack. Bishop drop on 4-5 move28 wasn't good but I didn't see any good variants. I knew the lance drop move33 is coming and I had no way to prevent it. All because of the bishop's bad positioning. 
After that it's a losing game for me.

2: tamagotree (1185) ☗3☗4☗32020-06-13 00:57

Hi Salieri,

Thank you for the game last night.

At first, I didn't understand your intention for the Bishop drop on 4-5 28.

If you were protecting the pawn at 3-4, then protecting your 7-4 pawn and 5-3 square by drooping Sliver on 6-4 would be a better move. (This is according to Shogi software analysis. It's also difficult to understand the intention of Shogi software... though. (^^;

I think, you don't need to worry about check by 3-4 Rook because you have a pawn to drop on 3-3. Then, you can use your Bishop elsewhere for a better use. When my rook leaves from 5-4, then, 5-7 square is a good place to drop your Bishop. (Again, this is one of the suggestions from Shogi software. (^^

Hope we can have an another match soon. (^^

3: tamagotree (1185) ☗3☗4☗32020-06-13 14:03

Also, please check out the URL below.

Shogi DB2 is a famous website which you can view tons of Kifu of professional Shogi matches for free.
The URL is a search result of "中飛車."
You can see how professional shogi players play against central rook openings.

Hope this helps. (^^

4: Salieri (1222) 2020-06-15 19:11

Thank you so much for your effort. I really appreciate it and will try my best to study the tactics and become better c:
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