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Tournament: 6th term SUPER NOVA [R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
Sente: Toadofsky (1549) ☗8☗4☗5Icon mail on
Gote: toebbens (1390) ☗1☗7☗4Icon mail off
Game started at: 2020-07-25 11:39:32 UTC
Game rule: Rated, 15 min + 60 sec

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1: toebbens (1390) ☗1☗7☗42020-07-25 16:17

I did run Gikou 2 over the kifu. Up to move 27 ☗Rx64 it considers the position to be even. But my next 28 ☖P*63 is not good. Instead N73 is better; it threatens to catch the rook with subsequent P*65 and after the rook retreats various lines of attack open up. Even so, after 45 ☗P*85 my position is not hopeless. But ☖B53 totally misses that black can take the silver with check. Instead ☖R64 is better. Afterwards an attack is possible with ☖P*65, Bx77+, Nx77, R54, G69-58, S*66. Note that the knight on 77 cannot move. 
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