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Sente: syncr0 (1372) ☗2☗6☗7Icon mail off
Gote: KatZ (1313) ☗0☗4☗8Icon mail off
Game started at: 2021-07-11 18:02:42 UTC
Game rule: Rated, 15 min + 60 sec

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1: KatZ (1313) ☗0☗4☗82021-07-12 09:16

Syncr0, first and foremost you did a good game. I have to admit that you do know your opening very well. I guess it is as close as theory as it can get to something like move 37.

AI after move 38 give perfect equal evaluation and things start to get dicey from here.

Move 39 you played P-54 that seems to be a pretty natural move to activate the bishop. AI doesn't like it much as it dropped the eval to -200. -200 is not really that much tho. I guess the reason is that it gives me a pawn without hardening your incomming attack that much.

The chains of moves after 41 was expected. But after 43 Rx, rook's defense on 88 is off so I could make 44 P-86 Px P*88 which is a bit annoying for you. After 46 I was expecting Bx Rx86 G-78. Not really sure what to do after this. Rx76 attacks the gold and I can go to 5 files to promote later or B-24 to threat promotion on 57. From your perspective, I liked Bx88 batter than letting me pick the knight.

After Px89 48 P*34 and the combination that follow seems rationnal enough. Though you exchange your gold in hand for a silver and let me take my knight on board in my hand + lost a turn by backing up the rook. AI also dropped evaluation quite hard after this combination (on Yaneuraou + illqha it went from around -900 to -1700). AI prefered G*34 B-22 Gx44 in order to break my defense formation with the idea P*33 and a big attackers concentration on 3rd file.

After 59 I had several options to me. I considered N*55 but took lance before as I was worried you could pick the knight before my attack. I did take the lance in order to play N*55 .. L*45.

Again, 61 seems to be the most rationnal move, threatening an annoying promotion. 

After 62 R-42, you decided to let go of the bishop to try a powerful attack. AI evaluation drop from around -1700 to -2900 after that sacrifice. What came next worried me tho...

After the combination leading to position after 67 I felt like I was losing (even tho computer says otherwise). My point here is that I had to find a attack harder than yours to resolve this position. I'm glad I was not in byoyomi yet at this point of the game when I played 68 L*24. AI came up with a even more amazing move with N*15 !! that threatens mate in 1 ! But the global idea is the same.

After that the game is lost anyway. At 71 computer finds mate in 11 : +Lx18 Kx N*26 K-27 B*18 K-16 S*25 Kx L*24 K-16 G*25

It finds another mate in 11 after 77 Rx36 which had a sick first move : B*49 R-38 N*15 K-36 S*25 K-35 S*44 Kx25 S*14 K-36 G*25

Move 91 If you placed your bishp on 66, it's king-rook fork but I can stop the check with L*22, you pick the rook and I do the same mate as what was played with S*33 as the bishop covers square 68.

Thanks again for the game and hope the best for tou in TTS.
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