About colored cards

Colored cards are used for a wide range of purposes including notifications, rquests and warnings. The meaning of each color is explained below.


Card blue Blue Card
This is a special request to the player from the administrator in order to avoid problems. The player has not violated any terms and conditions of the site at all, and the administrator is merely asking for your understanding and cooperation. Blue Card is not a penalty.
Card green Green Card
Your account has been involved in an investigation, but no conclusion was reached. The purpose of Green Card is only to notify this fact to the player, and it is not a penalty. No action is required if you have no idea, but you are requested to improve the situation if you have something in mind. Frequent examples are: (1) your games data show suspicous moves or mouse operation detected by the system and underwent a investigation, but no decisive evidence was confirmed (2) a user reported a trouble or quarrel with you, but its background and precise facts were not confirmed and there is no reason to conclude that you are to be blamed.
Card yellow Yellow Card
Minor violation of terms and conditions (including failing to check or to understand them) or other sorts of minor problematic behavior was recognized. The administrator requests that you improve the situation. It may change to Orange or Red Card if the same thing is repeated. When the reason of the issuing is not explained, you are requested to check the terms and conditions by yourself.
Card orange Orange Card
A clear viloation of terms and conditions or other sorts of seriously problematic behavior was recognized. This is a final warning before Red Card. Your account will be banned if your improvement is insufficient. In principle, the reason of the issuing of Orange Card is not explained, as you are expected to know by yourself by double-checking our terms and conditions.
Card red Red Card
Red Card is issued to a player who has been banned. It will not be notified to the player, but it works as a past ban record after one's ban is removed.
Card black Black Card
Issue of Black Card will be open to public, while all other cards are kept private. It is issued to a player who received many Red Cards without improvement, who made malicious acts such as harassment to other users, or who kept making multiple accounts to commit the same acts. All accounts of the player will be banned permanently, including new accounts accessed from the same IP address or the same device.

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