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Description<方針>同じ相手との対戦は1日1局まで。 以下に該当する人はお断りする場合多し(気まぐれを除く) (1)ハメ手を多用(2)ノータイム指し(3)礼儀を弁えない言動(4)みだりに駒を持つ(不愉快です)(5)ゲストプレイヤー(継続的なコミュニケーションが図れない)(6)モバイル版プレイヤー(申し訳ないですが仕様的にソフト指しの疑いが拭えない。少なくとも81dojoのソフト指し対策仕様をスルー可能な事実には変わりません) これらに該当する輩に出会ってしまった場合は即刻投了し、それ以後の対局を拒絶します。 <Policy> Up to 1 station per day against the same opponent. People who fall under the following are often refused. (Excluding capitalism) If you meet the person you meet, Immediately Stop the game, I will not accept the match again after that. 1) Make frequent use of surprise attack 2) Do not use the consideration time at all and play very quickly 3) Person of "an insolent fellow" 4) Frequent hand holding a piece even though it is unnecessary (I'm really unhappy about this.) 5) Guest player (as it can not make continuous communication) 6) Mobile Player (81dojo fraudulent act (using computer software) measures specification, It is a structure that can be avoided)
MedalsGold: 1 / Silver: 6 / Bronze: 5

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