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Introductions of your blogs and videos on shogi
lemontea1990 (1979) ☗6☗17☗52018-02-22 21:15
I wrote some topics in my shogi blog written by English.Today i started.if you have free time,you can check it.
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5: penpalrdro (1260) ☗7☗7☗72018-02-26 20:08
Nice blog. Keep it up!
4: Sergey1958 (1665) 2018-02-25 15:40 (Edited at 2018-02-25 20:42)
Моя страница в ютюбе , комментарии на русском языке. Так же страница вконтакте Сергей Ожгибцев, на ней кроме сёги ещё и шахматы. Приглашаю всех желающих
3: spinoza1313 (1183) 2018-02-24 12:42
read the blog of lemontea1990, it s great for learning!
2: lemontea1990 (1979) ☗6☗17☗52018-02-23 06:37
Oh!You read my blogs.It is great.

Your suggestions it is important for me:D

Thank you!
1: Ronyk (1000) 2018-02-23 04:30
Thanks for sharing this Lemontea1990! I just read through your articles, and I'm excited to read more. I left comments on some of your lessons, but I also thought I would share my final comment here:

I'm excited to read your next lessons, and I have four suggestions:

1. For Notations (記法), use either normal Japanese,( ☗2四歩), Normal English (P-24), or the normal mix (24歩) (P-2四).

2. When you use your pictures, please make them a little bit bigger.

3. If your keyboard allows, use the capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and when using the word "I"

4. I'd like you to write your lesson in both Japanese and English, in case the English version isn't clear.

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