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Played my first handicap games over the board this weekend
Ronyk (1000) 2018-03-20 00:11
I've been teaching my friends and family Shogi, and I started up a local club. Up until last night, I had only ever played even games. I decided offering some of my friends a bishop handicap (I'm not a great Shogi player, as you can see here, but I was still better than my friends who were still just grasping the very basics).

If you've never played a handicap game against a less skilled opponent (or had one played against you with a more skilled opponent), I highly recommend it! 
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3: ramalam (1138) 2018-04-09 19:12
The handicap set up , is in my opinion , one the reasons Shogi is the best game of all!
2: Mr_Brown (1891) ☗3☗3☗62018-04-03 23:41
I totally recommend handicap game. It's really useful tool like Hirohiigo stated in the comment. I normally play handicap game on the website everyday and my opponents are 5-kyu to 4-dan. They taught me a lot about the game. By the way, handicap game is useful for beginner. You can message me privately if you need help. My account name is Mr_Brown. I'm not strong player but I think I can help people with handicap game. :-) 
1: hirohiigo (1444) 2018-03-21 06:07
It's very good for both players.  The less skilled player gets a chance to play without worrying about your rapid attacks, and the more skilled player learns how to attack without their major pieces.  It's a shame there's a bit of a stigma against handicap games in the west, as they're extremely useful tools for learning.

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