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Greetings from Russia.
Reznikov_Ilya (1105) 2020-01-06 05:43
Hi everyone! Greetings from Moscow.

My name is Ilya, I'm from Russia. I've learned to play shogi around 4,5 years ago during my study in China in Harbin. I've also learned to play go, Chinese Chess, Gomoku. I've been playing all those games from time to time. But it is much easier to find someone of my level to play with when it comes to the game of go(碁). So many international servers with thousands of players. Unfortunately, it is harder to find a novice shogi player to train with. And there are only a few people playing this game here in Moscow, so I had to stick ti Kanazawa Shogi app till now.

My schedule is very tight these years, and I prefer to play correspondence games with long time control (1-3 days per move). That allows me to play when I have time, spending half a minute here and there instead of sitting in front of the screen for half an hour, scared of suddenly falling offline. 
The only server I know of where I can play correspondence shogi is But there are very few shogi players out there, and no way to lose the game after making an illegal move. 
Maybe some of you could think of another shogi server where I could play several correspondence games at a time? A server in English as I unfortunately don't speak Chinese.

And piece of advice will be highly appreciated. 

But I will also do my best to play here as well. Nice to be a part of this community and to learn from people around the world.
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