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Account registration and login problems
PuddingSan (1026) 2020-01-21 18:00
Since 23th November 2019, 
I can not connect to the server with my account (username : SirPuddy)
I tried to sent a contract form multiple times and i get this message : "Internal Server Error"

Moreover, I already sent you 2 inquiries (Inquiry ID = 1456 and Inquiry ID = 1462 )with a temporary account (Username : PuddingSan) and it's now closed without response/reply message but the problem is still here.

On the page '', I obtained this message after putting down my password and username "Signed in successfully. (If you came from an external link, please access the same URL again while logged in.)" but I'm not connected and the box "Username" and "Password" are blank again.

On the page "", after putting down my identifiants, this message appears "Connection to the server failed."

In addition, other people around me have managed to connect to the server. I can even connect as a guest or i create a second account (PuddingSan)and I can connect with it.

Either my account is banned and I am not aware of either there is a problem with my account.

In any case, can somebody help me and tell me what's the problem with my account please ? 

A french player who love shogi and wants to play :)
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