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Handicap Shogi
Mipha (2147) ☗7☗3☗62020-01-23 12:07
I have been playing handicap Shogi for years here. Is it possible for handicap Shogi to gain EXP like in 10-sec Shogi game? I'm wondering why Uwate gets nothing from playing it. 
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1: efren (967) ☗3☗1☗32020-07-28 13:29 (Edited at 2020-07-28 13:32)
That;'s a good point!
Have you contacted with an Admin? ??

here, try this Form!

Since the forums are quite calm... ( even in this exceptional pandemics times) ... so now that everything started back a little to how life was ...
I pray for the forums to still being useful.

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