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hello from Québec (Canada)
Iskender (1040) 2016-10-31 03:56
Hi , i'm a traditionnal board game craftman and i play shogi for about 9 month. I love this wonderfull game it attracts me. And then i re-learn to enjoy the chess game familly: xiangqi, makruk, sittuyin, shatranj.... even ''orthodox'' chess Instead of to see a boring and hard game i see just a game , a great game. And then i built shogi board game and i'm trying to create a shogi club in Montréal city. Now i want to play whit people online and i wish one these day to learn the traditionnal way of tendo for building koma and shogi ban. I invented a shogi game too with the tengu and Tenno. 
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4: Iskender (1040) 2016-11-01 09:06
thank you the first video i already saw but the seconde , no. I like the way of the craftman for the koma. He use a good template guide.
3: Haru_Nishiki (1506) ☗2☗2☗22016-10-31 21:39
Can you watch these site?
Though it is Japanese program, it shows how to make shogi board. 
It is also Japanese program. It shows how to make shogi peaces from 2'05.
2: Iskender (1040) 2016-10-31 18:40 (Edited at 2016-10-31 18:42)
Soon, i'll share some tips but not now because actually i breakfast and i'll go to work (it's before 6 am for me) (organ music restauration)). But if you want you can see this : my first shogi ban with recycling wood

1: cyanide91 (1391) 2016-10-31 11:35
hello, do you can share how make a shogi ban? in Brazil the shogi can be strong, but don't have good boards and pieces, if you know how to build pieces and board, you can share with me? thanks!

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