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5th SUPERNOVA [R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
raidensiratsuyu (2017) ☗14☗8☗42020-03-24 09:13 New
[81dojo Minor-Title]
5th SUPERNOVA [R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
Tournament period: 2020-05-01 ~ 2020-06-29 UTC
Deadline: 2020-05-15 22:00 UTC

Limited R1499 and down (1-kyu ~ 15-kyu), 
Even game, 15min+60sec Rated/ Round-robin Tournament.
New players, COM_players and Supernova title holders
can not join.
☆-How to get your rank (dan or kyu)-
Your rank will be confirmed,
when you're done playing the 5 Rating-games.
✰After accept participation ⇒ Before the event,
R1749 and down 〇 / R1750 and up: Disqualified

This tournament will be held for 2 months.
Displayed time zone: UTC (-9 hours from Japan)
In short: Supernova

◆Schedule arrangement, if necessary, can be done in the match table above. (The opponent will receive an email notification.)
◆ How to make a special game room:
 Your "Create new game room" window in the app will automatically have "Tournament Room" -> "Supernova" option. 
The game must be played in this special game to be counted in the match table.

Game points: 〇□ 3/ △ 2/ ● 1/ ■▲ 0
The winner is the highest winning-points player.
If the tie is the same place.
★Awarded the 81dojo-title "Supernova" to the winner.
And "PRIZE 1000 Dmiles" (Presented by 81dojo).
★Prizewinners: 2nd 300/ 3rd 200/ 4th 100/ 5th 50 D-miles
(Presented by organizer).

Thank you.
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