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Do you love Shogi?
kazzy_o (2401) ☗13☗8☗62020-06-18 23:30
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4: ThePharmacist (1215) ☗2☗1☗72020-07-05 23:07 New
I learned to play shogi in 2008, but due to the universtity, I started to play with regularity until 2014. At the begining, It was interesting how a board game that I saw on Naruto was so complex. Now, after trying  a lot of board games, the shogi has an special place in my life; I've meet a lot amazing people, visited interesting places and learn a lot of things about japanese way of thinking. If you ask me if I love shogi, well I do love this game. 
3: JunWei (1085) 2020-07-04 08:55 New
I touched Shogi in 9 years ago,but I learned it a few times ,it has a little books about shogi in my country,I don't know Japanese so I watched Shogi video from youtube,I hope Shogi would be popular in China than I can learn more convenient.
2: sebasanguiano (976) 2020-07-04 00:24 New
I have played western chess for a few years, and just discovered Shogi through an anime (which became one of my favorites) I found in Netflix: March comes in like a Lion. And since I started understanding the fundamentals of Shogi I have felt something that I havent felt with chess... Its too soon to say its love, but it surely is a strong pull (strong enough to try and overcome the language barrier!). Greetings from the other side of the world!
1: kazzy_o (2401) ☗13☗8☗62020-06-18 23:31
I love Shogi very mach!

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