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Hello, I'm new to here
GoldPalm (1249) 2016-08-07 21:26
Hi I'm new to dojo forum, just join today, I used 81dojo to learn shogi from time to time by playing only rated games, so my rating is not very stable. My first game of shogi that I play in my life is in 81dojo. I know about 81Dojo site by join the Vancouver Shogi Club. I start to learn how to move shogi pieces one year and a half ago. Since I cannot login to my account for unknow reason so now had time and come check out this Dojo Forum.
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1: Saeki_Ginzo (899) 2016-08-07 21:26

This is 81Dojo's web system for account and data management. The entrance to the shogi app can be found in the main site at