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What josekis do you want to know?
kumada_ (1775) 2020-09-22 04:57

I think that non-Japanese shogi players are hard to find  English texts about joseki, so please ask me what you want to  know in this topic.
I will answer as much as I can.
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6: akabee (1834) 2020-09-30 22:53
>>5  Bathus

Compared to chess, shogi allows you to use captured pieces and use them to attack your opponent's defense from anywhere in the endgame. So, if you're asking where the weaknesses are, it may be difficult to answer.

But the joseki shows you how to move your pieces in the opening game when there are no captured pieces, and how to defend against your opponent's attacking pieces. You will notice that your defensive pieces move in response to the opponent's attacking pieces, and if the opponent attacks vertically, your defensive pieces will move on top of the king, and if the opponent attacks horizontally, your defensive pieces will move to the side of the king.

However, if you move the defensive piece over the king in the opening game, it will be difficult to defend the side attack with the captured piece. Therefore, we need to identify the pieces that we are willing to let our opponent take in the middle game. This is very complicated, but I think it is one of the most interesting aspects of shogi.
5: Bathus (965) 2020-09-29 20:33 (Edited at 2020-09-29 21:13)
>>4  kumada_

Thank you very much! 

I am pretty new in this game, so I can´t really spot weak points of the structure. Is it maybe the side of the castle?
4: kumada_ (1775) 2020-09-26 14:51
>>2  Bathus

Pinwheel is one of the Right King opening.
So let you see two examples.

(copy them and paste to some software or save as a .kifu file and load them to 81dojo)

This is an example of Pinwheel Openings to Static Rook Yagura Castle.
I think you should be conscious about Bishop line, Rook line, advancing silver and knight.

#KIF version=2.0 encoding=UTF-8

1   7六歩(77)
2   8四歩(83)
3   6八銀(79)
4   3四歩(33)
5   6六歩(67)
6   8五歩(84)
7   7七角(88)
8   6二銀(71)
9   6七銀(68)
10   5四歩(53)
11   4八銀(39)
12   4二銀(31)
13   4六歩(47)
14   3二金(41)
15   4七銀(48)
16   4一玉(51)
17   3六歩(37)
18   7四歩(73)
19   7八金(69)
20   3三銀(42)
21   5八金(49)
22   3一角(22)
23   3七桂(29)
24   5二金(61)
25   2九飛(28)
26   4四歩(43)
27   4八玉(59)
28   4三金(52)
29   2六歩(27)
30   4二角(31)
31   2五歩(26)
32   3一玉(41)
33   5六銀(67)
34   2二玉(31)
35   6五歩(66)
36   1四歩(13)
37   1六歩(17)
38   7五歩(74)
39   同 歩(76)
40   同 角(42)
41   2四歩(25)
42   同 歩(23)
43   2五歩打
44   同 歩(24)
45   同 桂(37)
46   2四銀(33)
47   4五歩(46)

This is an example of Bishop Exchange Right King, moving left silver on 66, attacking to 55 and 65.

#KIF version=2.0 encoding=UTF-8

1   7六歩(77)
2   8四歩(83)
3   6八銀(79)
4   8五歩(84)
5   7七角(88)
6   3四歩(33)
7   7八金(69)
8   6二銀(71)
9   2六歩(27)
10   7七角成(22)
11   同 銀(68)
12   2二銀(31)
13   4八銀(39)
14   6四歩(63)
15   2五歩(26)
16   3三銀(22)
17   4六歩(47)
18   6三銀(62)
19   3六歩(37)
20   3二金(41)
21   3七桂(29)
22   4二玉(51)
23   4七銀(48)
24   7四歩(73)
25   5八金(49)
26   7三桂(81)
27   2九飛(28)
28   8一飛(82)
29   4八玉(59)
30   6二金(61)
31   5六歩(57)
32   5四銀(63)
33   1六歩(17)
34   1四歩(13)
35   3八玉(48)
36   4四歩(43)
37   6六銀(77)
38   3一玉(42)
39   5五銀(66)
40   4三銀(54)
41   4五歩(46)
42   同 歩(44)
43   同 桂(37)

If you have some question, pleas ask me again.
3: toebbens (1424) ☗1☗6☗52020-09-23 18:31
I think any kind of rarely used joseki would be most interesting. Exotic openings that were rarely used. Or  openings that fell out of favour a long time ago, before the advent of the web made things accessible. For the standard techniques there is by now a small, but quite complete corpus of translated texts and videos available. And the newest developments are also presented in online channels. 
2: Bathus (965) 2020-09-22 08:10 (Edited at 2020-09-22 08:14)

I wonder about Pinwheel. I know there is a wikipedia page about it, but an explanation of the moves would help me to understand it better.
1: Toretto (1224) 2020-09-22 06:23
sleeve rook

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