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Any possibility of yonin shogi?(4 player shogi)
danosaur (913) 2020-09-23 23:57
So I've been getting really into shogi and I absolutely love this game, and I love that variants such as mini shogi are available, but I would kill to play some 4 player shogi, and I think it could be put on 81 dojo fairly easily, anyone else interested?
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3: Umbreon197 (2435) ☗4☗4☗62020-09-25 19:47
>>2  danosaur

Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, that certainly sounds like a fun idea! But I'm not sure if such a feature will be implemented anytime soon.
2: danosaur (913) 2020-09-24 03:18
>>1  Umbreon197

Oh sorry I should've been more specific, there's literally a variant for 4 people, you play on a regular shogi board and you use less pieces than normal here's the rules if you're interested
1: Umbreon197 (2435) ☗4☗4☗62020-09-24 02:23
What do you mean by 4 player shogi? If its gonna be like 4 player chess that's trending nowadays, one issue I can think of is how Lance and Knight can only move forward, so you can't use them against an opponent beside you.

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