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Hello from France
FrenchyChessPlayer (1096) 2020-10-26 00:46

I started to play shogi the 2 july 2020 on this website,so is better to introduce myself late than never!
I play normal chess, i mean occidental chess...well you understand me ... with a official current rating of 1700 and at my best at 2044 (not so far from national master but, very far at the same time).

I like watching mangas.I like playing the guitar, amongst other things...
Yes i know it is a bit of a copy and paste from my profile page...
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1: ramalam (1132) 2020-11-08 12:19
Hi FrenchyChessPlayer. Hajemimashite :)

Hope to give you a game sometime.
Good luck with your Shogi.

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