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Do other strategy games help you in Shogi?
Clossius (1018) 2020-11-15 11:46
So I am a Go (chinese board game) player and I've been looking at Shogi a bit and I'm wondering if there are things I can learn in Shogi that I can apply to Go.

On the flip side I'm wondering if people here have gotten better at Shogi, or developed a better understanding of it, by playing other strategy games. I would love to hear ideas on this topic.

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1: wmaynard (1871) ☗2☗4☗52020-11-15 12:45
I can't speak for Go, but I can say from first-hand experience that yes, unequivocally, other chess variants help in shogi.

I played chess competitively in high school.  I picked up shogi a few years later.  Having a strategy background helps learn the game quickly, but more importantly, having the patience to sit and study the board is an important part in both games.

There are still a lot of differences between the games, but the most important aspect is knowing how to study and improve.

I've seen similar patterns in our club's new members.  Those with a strong chess background are able to adopt shogi much more quickly and become strong players without studying extensively.

I imagine that Go helps in shogi and vice versa, but shogi variants like chess and xiangqi are probably better due to their shared ancestry.

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