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CosmOu Notice of opening
shumai2 (1694) ☗11☗6☗112020-11-27 17:26
81Dojo Official Tournament, Cosm Ou Lague has been established.

Everyone, please join us.
① Period ・ ・ ・ 2021/01/10 00: 00 ~ 2021 / 01/31 23:00 (Coordinated Universal Time (UTC))
② Application deadline ・ ・ ・ 2021/01/01 00:00 (Coordinated Universal Time (UTC))
③ Link to the tournament page (users with 4 or more dans) (3rd to 1st dan users) (users of 1st grade or lower)

If you have any questions, please send a private email to shumai2.

Organizer: shumai2
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2: shumai2 (1694) ☗11☗6☗112021-01-05 14:54
The sixth round of the Cosm Ou tournament will begin at midnight Universal Standard Time on January 5, 2021.
Please be sure to actively play the game.
Organizer, shumai2
1: shumai2 (1694) ☗11☗6☗112020-12-30 18:24
The deadline for registration is tomorrow.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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