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~Chouwa's YouTube Channel! (For Shogi Players Who Speak English!) ~
Chouwa (1950) ☗12☗5☗132021-01-18 06:18
Dear everyone, especially people who speak English,

Hello! My name is Chouwa.
I started a YouTube Channel called "Chouwa Channel For English Shogi Players"!

In my channel, I will analyze scripts, also known as kifu,in English!
The goal is to internationalize!
You know... I'm not a native speaker and I'm sorry for my pronunciation.
Hopefully, subtitles will help you ^^
If you like this, please subscribe me!

Thank you!


【#1】【Analyzing】vs. 6-dan, Static Rook Player
【#2】【Analyzing】vs. 3-dan, Double Ranging Rook
【#3】【Analyzing】vs. 5-dan, Double Ranging Rook
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6: Chouwa (1950) ☗12☗5☗132021-01-18 21:27
>>5  dstn3422様

Thank you!
5: dstn3422 (1906) ☗8☗9☗52021-01-18 14:58
4: Chouwa (1950) ☗12☗5☗132021-01-18 13:11
>>3  ThePharmacist

Thank you!
3: ThePharmacist (1299) ☗6☗4☗92021-01-18 12:15
Thanks, I already subscribed!
2: Chouwa (1950) ☗12☗5☗132021-01-18 11:27
>>1  hissori様

1: hissori (2323) 2021-01-18 10:58

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