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I cannot select all kind of pieces
Dilaks (1479) 2021-01-18 19:05
Hello everyone sorry for my bad english so i will try to make it easy for everyone to understand me.

I began to play shogi and i saw in the options i can change the pieces and when i want to use the "kinki in peacock" pieces i cannot click on it... I olay in mobile version maybe it's a bug?

Thx for taking the time to read me and i hop i see you in game! 
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3: poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗22021-01-19 05:32
>>2  Dilaks様

It's about accumulating more than 5,000 D-miles in your possession.
It is recommended to play a lot of games to accumulate them.
2: Dilaks (1479) 2021-01-18 21:25
>>1  poppcorn81

How do i reach the bronze class? 
1: poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗22021-01-18 19:17
If you can't click on it.
You may not have reached the bronze class.
I was also only able to set it to certain pieces.

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