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Trouble with Dan Diploma / Kyu Certificate
nathanrose (1222) ☗0☗1☗22021-02-13 16:04
Application of JSA Dan Diploma / Kyu Certificate

When I click on within my profile, I get the following error message:

"You cannot apply for any Dan Diploma / Kyu Certificate at the moment."

No reason is given for why I cannot apply. Are certificates not being issued to ANYONE at the moment? Or is something wrong with my profile. I have no idea what to do.
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5: poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗22021-02-17 15:44
Sorry for the late reply.
Sorry, it's not Go.
It's about Shogi.
4: nathanrose (1222) ☗0☗1☗22021-02-15 23:54
>>3  poppcorn81

What does the game of "Go" have anything to do with it?
3: poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗22021-02-13 16:11
>>2  nathanrose

81 dojo, you will not be able to receive a certificate unless your amateur Go ability is certified.
So it does not mean that everyone can apply.
2: nathanrose (1222) ☗0☗1☗22021-02-13 16:08

Thanks for the reply.

So just to be clear, the certificate system is working properly for other people? It isn't disabled for everyone at the moment?
1: poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗22021-02-13 16:06 (Edited at 2021-02-13 16:06)
by nathanrose

You can apply for a certificate from 5 kyu to 6 dan.
You may not be able to apply yet.

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