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can I ask about my Kifu here?
Freakincurrey (1123) 2021-04-10 02:43
I played a game, and lost. I'm wondering if this is an appropriate spot in the forum to post a link to the game and ask questions about what I could have done better. 
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4: DC2 (1631) 2021-04-14 16:09
I think that's ok
3: Freakincurrey (1123) 2021-04-13 11:40
thanks yes that's what i meant 
2: Eskatrem (1661) 2021-04-12 14:31
>>1  raidensiratsuyu

I think what Freakincurrey wanted to know was whether it was OK to post his kifus here so people could show him where he could have played better.

Freakincurrey: I am just a normal user here, but I think it's OK. 
1: raidensiratsuyu (1838) ☗17☗6☗32021-04-10 14:02 (Edited at 2021-04-10 14:07)
Hi, Freakincurrey.

"Top Page(Entrance) ⇒ My Page ⇒ Kifu Search"
"Game Page ⇒ Earth mark ⇒ Kifu Search"

You are done.

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