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new player from USA
kmullin (1100) 2016-08-17 07:12
Hi. I learned the rules for shogi last November with my 7-year-old. My kid's school allows some math homework assignments to be replaced with playing chess games. So, I thought we should also learn xiangqi since we already had a set for that and shogi since my kid is half-Japanese.

As I learned for about how to play shogi, it became more and more interesting. I like it better than chess. So, I've started studying it since February using websites in English and Japanese, various iOS apps, some books in English, Bonanza inside the software 桜花 (move optimization analysis), and YouTube videos (including Hidetchi's, which are extremely helpful).

I haven't played too many games on 81Dojo as I don't think I'm a very worthy opponent yet.
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