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CCGeek (1013) 2021-06-23 18:49
upon accessing settings, I see that there is an option to change themes. However, when I click to change to another theme, I find that none of the options can be selected. Is being able to apply a certain theme related to having certain number of D-miles? If it is, how many D-miles do I need to have to access the other themes? If it isn't, how do I apply the other themes?
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7: psk_ryo_s2 (982) 2023-04-05 18:03
how do you unlock the further themes?
6: psk_ryo_s2 (982) 2023-04-05 18:03
Thanks for making themes! I really appreciate it because I was  bored of using green and white only.
5: ThePharmacist (1419) ☗8☗5☗92021-07-02 23:05
Thanks for the information!
4: CCGeek (1013) 2021-06-29 13:28
>>3  efren

I see
Thanks for the information
3: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32021-06-28 18:13
Hi, yeah, it happens recently to me that, after pass the 5000 D-miles, I got acces to SEOme of thise options to change the theme., so yeah. You have at leats to reach over 5K miles to unlock this options. 
2: NicFlo92 (975) ☗0☗2☗12021-06-26 05:42
This is all I could find about D-milage. But, the page hasn't been updated since 2016. So it's dated. Hope we can find out more.
1: shumai2 (1981) ☗16☗8☗72021-06-25 17:19
To change the theme, you need D miles.
I don't know the exact amount required, but if you are in the Gold class, you can choose as shown in the screenshot below.

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